Wages & Benefits


Travel with some of the industry’s best benefits.

Wages & Benefits

Our travel nurses are in the top tier of healthcare workers, enjoying the industry’s most attractive benefits packages, which are sometimes more than their full-time counterparts.

Great Income

Our travel Registered Nurses are filling the high demand for nurses; therefore, the hourly pay rate varies between $25 and $60 per hour depending on your clinical specialty, facility or assignment location, and benefits package.

Direct Deposit

Nearly all traveling nurse companies offer the convenience of optional free direct deposit of your paychecks into your bank account, even if your bank is located far away.

Insurance Coverage

Health insurance coverage depends on the employer, and often are minimal or no cost to you. Ask the traveling nurse company the details about their full medical coverage before committing.

Travel Expenses

Virtually all the traveling nurse companies reimburse travel expenses for those traveling to assignments. The amount varies, but it’s usually at least twenty cents per mile. With the multitude of inexpensive airline seats available, you can often end up coming out ahead of travel costs.

Retirement Programs

Many of the traveling nurse agencies we work with offer 401(k) retirement benefits, some of which have instant eligibility allowing you to start saving the moment you get started.

Continuing Education

Traveling nurse companies understand the rapid advancements of medical technology, emphasizing the importance for our nurses to continue with their education to benefit their careers. Thus, many traveling nurse companies will offer free or reduced costs on courses for continuing your education.

Housing & Utilities

The traveling nurse company will offer deluxe living accommodations for the duration of each assignment, including an apartment or condominium without the worry of electricity, rent, or power bills.

Referral Bonuses & Incentives

Referring your friends to become a traveling nurse allows you to be eligible for a cash bonus upon their sign-on or assignment completion. There are other incentive programs like special discounts or the ability to acquire points and redeem them for vacation trips, cash, and more.

Other Benefits of Becoming a Travel Nurse

Earn what you are worth – As we’ve mentioned several times on this website, travel nurse pay, benefits, and bonuses are at the top of the pay scale.

Work where you wish – Some people like the big city, others like a more rural setting. Some like cold, others like warm. Some want to work in a big city hospital, others in an acclaimed research institution, and others in a country medical facility. But whatever your tastes, you can be sure of one thing – there’s a travel nurse job waiting for you.

Gain valuable experience – Bottom line: If you want a career in nursing, nothing will look more impressive on your resume than a stint as a traveling nurse. In addition, travel nursing ends that age old dilemma of “I need experience to get the job, but I need a job to get experience.” You’ll GET the experience you need – in spades.

See the country – It goes without saying that travel is an incredible growing and learning experience. And being a traveling nurse gives you the best of all worlds – excellent wages, steady work, and a chance to see the United States. In addition, traveling around lets you experience different parts of the country – thinking of a move “down south”, but don’t know if you can stand the summer heat? Take a summer travel nursing job in Alabama and check it out for yourself.

Free Housing allows you to keep more of your pay – This is a huge benefit. You’ll be making as much (if not more) than the permanent nurses at a facility, yet, you’ll have no housing / utility expenses. This allows you to build up a nice savings account (if you wish.) And if you do not require housing, you’ll get a housing stipend.

Travel with someone if you wish – Bring family / friends. Make travel nursing the adventure of a lifetime!

Meet new friends and valuable business contacts – As a traveling nurse, you will fill your rolodex with personal and professional contacts from all over the country.

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