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Travel Nurses receive top pay and benefits…Isn't it time you joined them?

Travel nurses rank amongst the highest paid workers in the healthcare industry, oftentimes even out-earning equivalent permanent staff. Add in the benefits of travel and meeting new people, and you have a very attractive job. Here are some facts about travel nurse pay and benefits:

  • Excellent Pay and Benefits - Generally, travel nurses can earn anywhere between $20 to $60 per hour, depending on clinical specialty and certifications (RNs make more than LPNs, etc). And benefits (medical, dental, 401k, etc) are usually amongst the best in the business.

  • Bonuses - Many travel nurse companies pay bonuses for completing an assignment, for accepting multiple assignments, etc. There are also many that pay a referral bonus. Ask your recruiter for details.

  • Free Housing / Utilities - Your housing expenses are taken care of, including your utilities (heat, water, electricity, etc). This is a very large benefit, as combined with your excellent pay; it leaves you with a nice "extra" chunk of disposable income. In fact, many travel nurses use the housing savings to start building a substantial nest egg. Oh, and the accommodations are always first rate - the nicest apartments / condos are provided for you - fully furnished, too!

  • Travel Expenses are handled - You are reimbursed for travel expenses.

  • Continuing Education - Most travel nurse companies offer continuing education. For free. What better way to increase your skillset and stay on top of the rapid technological changes in healthcare?

  • Finances are made easy with direct deposit - Your check is directly deposited into your bank account, regardless of where your home bank is. With online banking/bill paying, ATM's, and debit cards, this makes banking very simple for you.
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